Using Microsoft’s Vista Express Upgrade promotion, you can get Windows Vista for the Windows XP price. To do this, simply buy a copy of the appropriate Windows XP version and fill out a form to turn in the Windows XP license for a Windows Vista license. Because the license change is free, you can get Vista at the XP price and save a good chunk of money. Unfortunately, you still have to pay shipping and handling. This will not work for XP Home as Microsoft requires you to pay additional upgrade fees to participate in the promotion. One can buy Windows XP Media Center Edition for $119.99 USD, and then upgrade it to the approximately $264 (this number is based on speculation) Windows Vista Home Premium Edition for free! In this case, you would save over $140! The best savings will be found for those buying a whole new OS license. Even if you already have Windows XP and want to buy the upgrade version, going this route is still cheaper.