A very touching story. Great reporting. Keep up the good work and stay safe, John!

I went on a college trip to China a couple of years ago. I have to say the people are very kind and helpful. We meet a few people that were very helpful towards us even if they couldn’t speak English. I loved my time there. From this report it doesn’t surprise me how they Eat Bitterness.

Imagine how the people of California will be acting after the “BIG" one hits. As in New Orleans, they will all blame the government and expect the rest of us to pay the price. Of course, the people of New Orleans WERE warned, and ignored the warnings…..we will all continue to pay the price for many years to come.

No looting. No complaining. Just people helping people in times of devastation. That’s unheard of around here.

Thanks for the report. I hope people will eventually understand that reliable earthquake prediction is not technically possible.

Thanks for the report from China, I watched this on CNN last night, couldn’t hold my tears. Now read the script, tears again. Just donated some money through, hope it will help the victims a little bit.
谢谢这则来自中国的报道,我昨晚在CNN上面看到了。我不能忍住我的泪水,现在看到这个视频,我泪水又流了出来。 我通过www.mercycorps.org网站捐了款,希望可以稍许地帮助那些地震中的受害者。

We could learn a few things from these people. God Bless them all. We will be praying for them.

It shows drastic change in the way that Chinese government handles natural disasters. When the quake in Tangshen happened in 1976 which killed approx 250,000 people, the Chinese government blocked the news and refused for any aids from outside world. Today, the government immediately sends in soldiers and paramilitary police to rescue people and asks for international help. The prime minister Wen Jia-Bao and other local officials do not hide their high emotion toward the sufferings of the people. The Chinese government may still not be perfect under different circustances, but it should be given proper  credit for trying their best to do the right things. The world should try their part to be more understanding of today’s China that has traveled down a long and difficult path.
这则报道显示了中国政府在处理 自然灾害方法上的剧大变化。1976年发生的唐山地震造成25w中国人死亡,当时的中国政府封锁了消息并拒绝了外界的所有帮助。今天,中国政府第一时间派出士兵和武警救援群众并请求国际援助。总理温家宝和一些地方官员丝毫不掩饰对于人民所遭受巨大痛苦的情感。中国zf也许仍然不会在不同情况下表现完美,但是我们必须对他们尽自己所能做正确的事情这一事实给予赞扬。世界应该对中国现在大幅迈出的艰难的改变脚步给予理解!